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Job Costing Software for Project Businesses
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"If your project financial management requirements are not being fully satisfied by your existing accounting systems and spreadsheets, you need to consider the Workbench project management software. Workbench is a well proven application operating successfully in over 20 countries, across a diverse range of industry sectors and with interfaces to many of the leading ERP systems".
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Control your Project Costs

In civil and general contracting projects the difference between meeting and missing budgeted profit hinges on accurate quoting/estimating and close management of your Labour and Plant resources.
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Track your staff utilisation

As you have nothing to sell other than your expertise and time, effective management of project labour resources and costs is critical. Use the internet to record time and track progress against budget on a daily basis.
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Control the Project Scope and Subcontractors  

Secure your project profit through effective control of all project costs and strict management of the scope of work.
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